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Welcome to TSB’s car service Switzerland With Zurich as a great European city to visit for traditional Swiss architecture, mountainous backdrops and also has many opportunities for business or corporate individuals and tourists.

Also, Basel a city so beautiful and packed with so much amenities of fun and is situated in the northwest Switzerland with many stops you will want to make when you visit. This is importantly initiate our private car service Switzerland for whosoever is willing to explore these unfamiliar cities and neighbouring cities without missing out on anything.

Principally, one of the most important services that we provide is ensuring an easy, safe and comfortable transfer to their intending and favourite destinations all around the city or neighbouring countries, also to and fro Zurich airport without stress and conveniently through our reliable Zurich car service affording you the first step towards convenience and peace of mind. Our elegant cars are always alternatively prearranged, eliminating any uncertainty about moving around to explore these Swiss cities and other parts of your destination in grand style and class with unparalleled car service.


We make available to our clients fleets of suitable, exotic, luxury, clean, comfortable and high class level vehicles such as limousines, minibus, minivan etc with Hi-Tech facilities or features basically primed at rendering reputable private car service Switzerland with maximum safety, convenience and comfort which enables them best enjoy their riding to and from their destination all around the cities, Zurich airport and Basel airport and to other destinations or other neighbouring countries and leaving them with a long-lasting interesting memory to remember as regards the car service provided. This all come with easy and stress-free booking for every of our vehicle class level to arrive to your destination in utmost reputation, class, style and elegance.

Nonetheless, our pricing for Zurich and Basel car service is economically and affordably low making this car service accessible to everyone for their transfer needs and requirement to and from your destination all around the cities and other neighbouring countries with a safe, thrilling and convenient arrival in class and style. With this low price, it leaves our professional touch and dedication to rendering a great car service unaltered and hence unequalled all around the world when you talk of Zurich and Basel car service providing.

Our private car service Switzerland is staffed with professionally certified, discreet, flexible, courteous and multilingual driver who are concerned with all needs and requirement of our client’s choice of car service and also alive to their responsibilities to guarantee secure, reliable, reputable and comfortable car service transport to and fro your destination all around the cities and other neighbouring cities in a high class level car service.

We provide easy and secured ride to wherever for your private or personal engagement or business or corporate meeting across the city or neighbouring countries with our unequalled Zurich and Basel car service.

We have the most efficient Zurich and Basel car service and this is why we have become one of the most trusted names in Europe and with our car services, you will get more than you bargained for.